NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Anxiety DisordersPrevention, cause, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders and those who suffer from them.4$15.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderPrevalence, treatment, known causes and help for ADHD disorder.4$15.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
AutismAutism ceus course describing symptoms, cures, treatment, prognosis and quality of life. Criteria necessary for diagnosing autism for nursing ceus credit.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Autism Spectrum DisorderAutism Spectrum Disorder continuing education course.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
DepressionAssessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression. 4$15.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Eating DisordersCause, Treatment and Prevention of Eating Disorders, including Body Mass Index figures.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Human SexualityHuman Sexuality, physiology, biology, sexual deviation, diseases, symptoms and treatment. Ceus for nurses, nursing continuing education hours.10$39.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Pain ManagementHistory, Diagnosis, Treatment and Pain Research. Online ceus in pain management for nursing credit. Meets Oregon state continuing education requirement.6$23.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Ultraviolent Radiation and the SkinOnline continuing education for nurses, radiation and the skin ceu course. Benefits and problems caused by ultraviolent light.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic Violence
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence ceus for nurses. Causes, signs, symptoms and prevention. Cycle of Violence, emergency situations, role of nursing and medical staff, referrals.6$23.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Alzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer's Disease - Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Intervention.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
BioterrorismBioterrorism Ceus for Nurses. This course counts for ceus credit in Texas and Nevada. Online Continuing Courses.4$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
CholesterolHigh cholesterol and heart disease. Ways to lower cholesterol and its origins. Continuing Ed Registered Nurses.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Chronic Hepatitis CWhat you should know about Hepatitis C and how the disease is contacted. Online CEU course in Nursing. 3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Substance AbuseNursing CEUs online course in Substance Abuse. Diagnosis, Treatement and Intervention options. 15$44.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
VitaminsVitamins A thru Zinc. An indepth look at the benefits of Vitamins including disease prevention. The benefits of each vitamin and its derivative.5$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Death and Dying
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
End of Life CareEnd of Life Care nursing continuing education meets state requirements for ceus credit. Advanced directives, choices, legal issues and transitioning of families.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Loss, Grief and BereavementLoss, grief and bereavement continuing education course for nurses. Course covers the stages of death and dying and how to talk to family members and the patient.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Aging and Long Term CareNursing aging ceus continuing education course covers physical and mental aspects of aging. Long term care options, nursing homes, day care.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Child Sexual AbuseNursing CEUs online course in Child Abuse. Diagnosis, Treatement and Intervention options. Meets California Nursing Requirement. Not approved for PA.8$31.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
EmpathyEmpathy CEUs course for nurses, nursing professionals. Board of Nursing approved CEU online course.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
HIPAAHIPAA Compliance and Privacy Rules. Online HIPAA course for nurses and nursing professionals.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
MenopauseMenopause continuing education course. Symptoms, alternative treatment, symptom management and expected psysical changes associated with menopause.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
ObesityOnline Obesity Continuing Education course for Nursing Professionals. Online CEUs Nursing5$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
StressIdentify the underlying causes of stress and learn ways to manage stress. Stress continuing education CEUs for nurses.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Additional CE Broker Courses
NameDescriptionCE clock hours/creditsCost  
Prevention of Medical ErrorsMeets the CE requirement for FL Nurses, ARNP, LPN, CNS, Nutrition, CNA, Respiratory Care, Dietetics, Midwifery, Electrolysis and complimentary boards. DC approved. Ce Broker direct reporting.3$11.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Florida Laws and Rules of the BoardLaws and Rules of the Board to Meet the Florida Nursing requirement for continuing education credit.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
HIV AIDsFree Course, Enter passcode hiv and hit the price update button on the payment page to bypass the payment.3$19.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Standard PrecautionsStandard Precautions course Nursing Continuing Education requirement.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence Course to meet state licensing requirement. CeBroker reporting on all courses.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test
Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking course to meet state CEU requirement.2$9.00  Course Study Material  Preview Test

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