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Chronic Hepatitis C

1.  A distinct and major characteristic of hepatitis C is its tendency to cause what?
A) chronic liver disease
B) the aids virus
C) kidney disease
2.  Chronic hepatitis C can cause what?
A) cirrhosis
B) liver failure
C) liver cancer
D) all of the above
3.  HCV is spread primarily by contact with what?
A) blood
B) blood products
C) both of the above
D) all of the above
4.  The major high-risk groups for hepatitis C are?
A) Injection drug users
B) People who had blood transfusions before June 1992
C) People who have frequent exposure to blood products
D) all of the above
5.  Sexual transmission of hepatitis C between monogamous partners appears to be?
A) common
B) uncommon
6.  Clinical Symtoms of Hepatitis C may include?
A) fatigue
B) mild right-upper-quadrant discomfort or tenderness ("liver pain")
C) nausea
D) all of the above
7.  Physical findings of cirrhosis may include what?
A) enlarged liver
B) enlarged spleen
C) jaundice
D) all of the above
8.  Diseases that are related to hepatitis C include?
A) seronegative arthritis
B) keratoconjunctivitis sicca
C) non-Hodgkin's type, B-cell lymphomas
D) all of the above
9.  The presence of HCV RNA in serum indicates what?
A) an active infection
B) an inactive infection
C) no infection at all
10.  A liver biopsy is helpful for what?
A) grading the severity of disease
B) staging the degree of fibrosis and permanent architectural damage
C) both of the above
11.  The conditions that can be confused clinically with chronic hepatitis C include?
A) autoimmune hepatitis
B) chronic hepatitis B and D
C) alcoholic hepatitis
D) all of the above
12.  Common side effects of alpha interferon and peginterferon include?
A) fatigue
B) muscle aches
C) headaches
D) all of the above

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