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1.  Menopause occurs at a time in life for women when the production of estrogen and progesterone changes.
A) True
B) False
2.  What begins to happen between puberty and menopause?
A) Premenopause
B) Perimenopause
3.  Menopause begins when?
A) exactly at the age of 50
B) at the time of the last menstrual cycle
C) after the birth of a child
4.  Surgical menopause may occur when?
A) it can occur at any age
B) with the removal of the uterus
C) with the removal of both ovaries
D) All of the Above
5.  Symptoms of hot flashes may include a feeling of heat in the face, skin that may appear flushed or red and sweating.
A) True
B) False
6.  Pregnancy is still possible until periods stop for how long?
A) 1 month
B) 1 year
C) 2 years
D) 3 years
7.  What bone weakening disorder often leads to hip fractures?
A) polio
B) cancer
C) osteoporosis
8.  What is the number one cause of death in American women?
A) depression
B) cancer
C) cardiovascular disease
D) osteoporosis
9.  Premarin comes from
A) the urine of pregnant mares
B) plants
C) it is manmade
10.  In hormone replacement therapy (HRT), what hormone is used?
A) estrogen
B) progesterone
C) both of the above
11.  Hormone replacement reduces the risk of osteoporosis, relieves hot flashes and relieves vaginal dryness.
A) True
B) False
12.  Around menopause, women should have a bone density test.
A) True
B) False

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